Sunday, February 28, 2010

United colors of Benetton

As of lately, one of my new favorite brands have been 'united colors of Benetton'. I like its crisp look and intense ad campaign. I suppose you can say is like a more pricey American Apperal meets PETA(the animal right organization). Its totally colorful and fun. check it out for yourself, might not be your style but you may be surprised.

Friday, February 26, 2010

You need to watch Spartacus.

I just started watching this show, Spartacus. you might of seen poster on the train for it or whatever. Its on that movie channel 'Starz'. long story short, you NEED to see it!

You know that insanely macho rush you get from watching 300?! the guys know what I'm talkin about-like you wanna fight a gorilla and totally win! yeah-that feeling. Spartacus it's basically that plus a Russell Crow-esque 'gladiator story line.

And you know that awesome scene in 300 before King Leonidas goes off to war, he fucks the shit out of his wife all epic/slo-mo/fade-to-black-appear-again-in-different-position? Spartacus has plenty of that too.

When I'm watching this show, I pretty much NEED to be alone. If someone is present I may feel inclined to attack them. Plus the shows loaded with ass n titties so I've got a boner the majority of the show.

This one really gets your blood pumping. Typically I'll be screaming things like "Fuck Yeah!" everytime an asshole dude get his head chopped off. This show is totally raw, it takes place in ancient Rome where no one gave a shit about nothing and just do the most fucked up shit! it's awesome and at the same time it's kinda sensory overload.

anybody whose a fan of 300, Gladiator, Troy...Wolverine, will love this show. Its so macho, it'll leave your living room smelling like an arm pit and you with a full beard. Seriously.

on a more 'pretty boy' note, I plan on posting a video of Dylan Reider on Monday. The guy is sorta the antithesis of this post. Instead of making me wanna kill shit Dylan make me wanna.. touch my hair, take a shower and smell nice.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

comin soon

Last Monday was a Gravis demo at KCDC. I was lucky enough to get to see one of my favorite pro skaters Dylan Rieder! Hes crazy awesome and I got the chance to steal some of his soul and get a few words out of him. Stay tuned to see the video!!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Just My Type: Daisy Lowe

Everybody. This is Daisy Lowe, the woman responsible for indie-boners as well as scene-queen-soakers everywhere! This girl is F'in Badass/beautiful. Shes kinda a hard 10.
Unlike the typical indie/hipster/Cory Kennedy chic that most willy B'er are sportin', Daisy is of a bit more substance. For one she has boobs that are appreciative of a supportive bra. If this is the first time you're hearing of her, I suggest you google her immediately!
I first heard of her from my friend Dina. She might actually be more into her then me. when I was searching for pics of her to use Dina happily offered to donate from her creep folder of Daisy Lowe pics. Daisy is what you would call, her lesbian crush.

Ps, if you aren't collecting cool/awesome/creepy/funny/hot/interesting pics off the Internet yet, you're really missing out. just sayin.

creepin' credit
Dina Cook

I Recommend... don't take me too seriously. check this blog at least once a week. start a blog. express your criticism towards your friends. own whoever you are. learn to love yourself. get involved with society. find somebody to love. appreciate small gestures. drink tea(earl grey). adopt a personality. stop smoking pot. do everything so you regret nothing. live all or nothing. be extravagant while you can. become someone extraordinary. have no remorse when you're old and wrinkly. have box wine with your friends occasionally. watch cable TV. own an iphone. try hummus. use a water bottle instead of wasting plastic. start to care about earth. start to care about your future. don't cum on her face. do your homework. don't settle for a GED. start listening to the Beatles. voice your opinion. argue with your friends. save money. spend money. have a 3some. lose your virginity before you're 21.(more then enough time) demand my respect. watch Wes Anderson movies. don't get addicted to anything. realize there's no difference between free-range and caged chicken. eat granola. have cereal whenever you want. not care what I think unless you want to. not attack me on the street. go legit snowboarding.
...say yes to as many opportunities as you can. be my friend if you like me.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cereal is a cop-out

A lot of controversy behind this one. Listen, cereal is Delicious, we all know, but should you really be eating an entire box in one sitting or even having it for more than just breakfast?

Why are you eating all that cereal for anyway? Is it cause you just smoked a fat bowl and cereal is the only thing you can "prepare" that you won't fuck up? Or maybe you're an uncultured dumbass whose idea of "gourmet" is sold in the frozen foods section of BJs/Costco.

You see where I'm coming from? Of course you don't. Alright, so maybe it was a long day and you're too tired to fix yourself a warm meal, perfectly acceptable...once or twice a week. But we both know cereal is your breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack.

You can't help someone who doesn't want your help however you could make 'em feel like shit till they see the light. Beats the hell out of watching on the sideline agonizingly as someone blows it. or you could just not care all together, but then what kinda friend are you?

If you keep up with this blog you might be thinking that I'm overly critical of "losers". That's cause I am. I am because I'm overly critical about myself. A few months ago I was a total loser. Right now I'm working toward being as awesome as I think I am. Consider this my renaissance.

So I'm proud to say I've had the same box of special K on top my fridge for a month now, it's a little more then a half box. It was hard, had to seek rehab, attend cereal anonymous, milk arrest.. Tough habit to break. At some point I needed it so bad, I used water!

Just kidding, I would never do that. Boy I'm kinda a snobb huh?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Our Demanding World

I'm not singling anyone out cause that would be blowin their spot, but... If you take a moment, you might realize how demanding our society is.

It crossed my mind this morning as I was brushing my teeth. I had noticed they got slightly yellow from the weekend when I some times forget. I realized how much we put in just to be normal. For the extraordinary, I could only imagine.

For those of you who give a shit, you know who you are, we must smell good, have clean straight teeth, not a trace of acne, dress well, not be fat or greasy, have great hair, make sure our privates aren't gross, not have boogers, know exactly what to say and when to say it, never be flat broke, be constantly busy with something all while making it look nonchalant and effortless! Omg!

Now I'm not complaining, this is more a 'hats off' to everybody who experiences this everyday and get through it without a sweat(or so it seems). But don't worry, your secrets safe with me, you do you sexy mami/trick daddy.

Once again
GTL lifestyle

don't give me that shit about starving kids in africa. cuz if any one anyone cares about the starving kids its me!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valintines day!


Valentines day is really swell wouldn't you say? No ones agreeing with me... that's OK! we're past it now, lonely singles-you can start breathing again.

I'm more than certain plenty of fantastic things happened Valentines day night. Passion, romance-you know the deal. For plenty of people it was a reminder of how completely alone we are- present company included(just kidding)

If your wondering, I didn't end up doing nothing. matter of fact i did a lot!

I spent the better part of my evening with an awesome friend of mine. I promised I'd write about her, what better time then for a Valentines day post! Friends and present company, I'd like to introduce you to Dina! Dina of Roslyn.

I met her at Penn station. I gave her flowers, pink roses I think. The moment I handed her the flowers, A nice euro guy walk up and asked to take our picture. his name was Mustaff or something, I didn't bother to ask what he would do with the photo. lets hope it turns up someday in a cool magazine.

I spent the evening with her since she was someone I've known a while and way past introductions with. We opted for the classic dinner and movie combo. We had Italian in little Italy which really funny. Every restaurant was packed so we were seated with another couple. we basically spent dinner ease dropping and texting about the fat Italian guy and his tiny asian date, he was actually really nice.

We really wanted to catch Valentines day but apparently it was a hot ticket that sold out immediately. We ended up seeing when in Rome which...had its moments but was ultimately disappointing. Dina liked it.

I was told to pick whatever pic I want to best represent Dina. I think this Serves justice...girls a messy eater.

So I think I've shared enough of my romantic evening under the stars. If any one would like to share what romantic things they did, comment box.


Friday, February 12, 2010

The perfect friend

All my friends are pricks

These are just some of the things I mutter to myself when I'm having a bad morning. Kinda a bad habit but reflective of my feelings non the less.

I'm a nice person. Facilatating, hospitable, blah blah blah you get the picture. But I'm also a nasty person who thinks mean things in private. I'm not even the type that's passive aggressive about thing, sometimes I'll just say FUCK YOU.

But the majority of the time, when it's something like this morning.. I'll just say to myself, my friends are all pricks. Not to say they're bad friends, though they could be better... But perfect friends? Does anyone have that?

It's annoying when people are overly hyped on their friends, have facebook albums with all their different friends and are totally in your face about how awesome their friends are! They talk about all these people you haven't met or care about in the hopes that you will respond "OMG! Your so fucking awesome! I must be you!". Fucking narcissist prick, you should die.

I would kill that person. I would kill my age 14-16 self. Nuff said.

But yeah, who has a perfect friend they can tell me about? Right now I feel like everyone in my immidiate circle of friends is a prick. The only one I'm thinking might not be a prick is all the way on the west coast and the second he gets back I'll probably find a few reasons to consider him a prick too.

That's how it is isn't it? Our best friends are the one that aren't readily available. When someones far away, it's easier to think of them in a more idealized way. We see them in the best light.

Seriously. If anyone has the ultimate/most super awesome/never downer friend, comment and let me know. Link me a pic of you two frolicing/holding hands/having fun. I need to know this exists!

If I've included your photo, it means I think your a prick. Least you know I'm thinking of you. And if you know I love you but have not included your photo, it means I think your a prick but you just haven't been a stand out prick lately. Yeah you Dom<3

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Deal Breakers

On behalf of Men everywhere, I propose this list I've compiled as Our new bible. Alright maybe on behalf of just me. These are my personal Deal breakers. Like if I'm just getting to know you, on that first date...or maybe it'll just come up in small talk, but the moment I find any of the things on this list to be true about you! All Bets are OFF!

Girl Deal Breakers

-If you're a Jesus freak
-taller then me
-shorter then me by more then 6 inches
-A Bad kisser
-if I dress better then you
-more macho then me
-if your vadge is gross
-are with child
-have AIDS(sorry)(kind falls into 'dying' category)
-used to be a man
-look like any of my family members
-hairier then me
-obsessed with your ex
-talk wayyy too much and don't pause for a second to let me breath/think/respond
-Or have yellow teeth or gross teeth in general.

This was all from my dudely perspective. while chatting today with my new friend Katie I asked her what where some deal breakers of hers? what factors in the male species made her privates run and hide?! I had to know what girls have to say. so we got to brain storming! Surprisingly the list she came up with was a tad longer then the one i made, am I selling myself short? should I be completely sexist and make impossible demands?! Katie was a great sport and was a wealth of feminine Knowledge, so Fellas take notes!

Guy deal breakers

-Can't be shorter
-can't be unambitious(double neggy, sorry)
-Too American[burgers and fries]
-Not too conservative
-if you happend to be Uncultured and stupid
-Size matters!
-Face tats
-Gross apt.
-Bad hygiene
-Overly metro/gay/prissy
-if you a Bigger cup size[titty wise]
-Body odor
-Crooked teeth
-Greasy hair
-If your more into shopping then me
-Where more Jewelery then me
-Chapped lips
-If you wear crocs
-Carpenter jeans
-Cowboy boots[nooo]

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Just My Type: Liz(from my life as liz)

Wasn't even planning on this post! But when I was watching MTV(love it), I happend upon a little show called "my life as Liz"! Have you seen this? She is just adorable! I love her cute slightly generic nerdy/hipster style. She's got a cute little hair do to! The show totally sucks but that's aside from the point. What's the point? That she's a total babe and JUST MY TYPE!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Wanted : Gay Bestfriend(part 2)

So. Not just anyone can be my gay best friend, there are certain criteria he must fill.If anyone is interested in applying, I would be happy to set up a (non-romantic) coffee date.

So these are big shoes to fill, first off, I want to make it clear I am looking for a gay friend, not lover. I don't mind flirting, I see it as flattery. Whatever you do, don't ever try to kiss me! Like that gross scene in "I love you man", after he goes on that man-date-dinner, ugh gross. Not that 2 men kissing is gross, just I wouldn't want to kiss a guy.

So now that we got that out of the way, we can move on to things that are just more my preference. I enjoy chatting over coffee, so if you like coffee that's a plus. It is important that you are able to provide me with plenty of incite on women. Most importantly we gotta click and enjoy eachother! Duh.

This isn't a must, but it would be cool if the guy was Latino. I am of course an equal opportunity friender. Though I was just considering my lack of gay friends, then remembered my lack of Latino friends as well and thought, let's kill 2 birds with 1 stone if we can!

Nabi got his

It would be rad if I could be set up on blind dates with your many gal pals. Have someone to pump me up on life. Give me the confidence to ask out girls and make power moves!

And of course this friendship will not be all about me. I'll be there for you too! If you're having guy problems, I'm there for you man. I'm a great listener and very open minded. I might even go with you to gay clubs!

getting down at the gay club.
If all this sounds super/mega/unbeleivably awesome! Then tell you what, you can contact me through this blog.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Just My Type: Léa Seydoux

Meet Léa Seydoux, shes a total babe. Shes a french actress that is sporting an all natural beauty that is rarely seen. whats not to love about this indie Queen? Shes stars in foreign films, Does AmAp ads and has awesome bobz! She is JUST MY TYPE!

FIT Cafeteria

This place is a total mindfuck/creative gold mind for me! I've been eating lunch and typing thoughts out on my phone for an hour now! Magical, seriously!

It's something about the cash-flow of gorgous girls, starbucks and awesome food that just makes here my little gold mind of awesome(by my standard) blog entries!

Before I dive into what I really like to write about, GIRLs! I have to give an honorable mention to the FIT cafeteria staff. Sushi, pizza, new and different entrees, grilled food, everything! I don't know how they do it. Even now when I drop by to grab a bite I am startled by the selection to the point where I just end up getting a boring salad. This has been the case the past two days.

So yeah, what else is there to say? The selection of honeys is choice, I look forward to meeting all of em and getting a chance to blog it up somemore!

I'm just having the most fantastic time here! If you ever want to catch me and just say hi/give me a hug/grab my number, idunno. You can find me in the caf! Most likely creeping while eating my freshly prepared spicy salmon role! (one of my faves). I'm really friendly and promise to not make you feel COMPLETELY uncomfortable. So don't be a stranger' love!