Saturday, August 6, 2011

something about humans.

I honestly believe this. it feels better to give then receive. This can apply to gifts... Motivational advice... sexual favors.. whatever. A universal truth. Tell me this, for the most part. If you could make everybody in the world happy, wouldn't you? To suggest otherwise would be sadistic. I don't take pleasure in the pain of others, you shouldn't either.

I recently reconnected with an old friend. along his own personal life journey, he had uncovered much of what I had not known myself. As a matter of fact, I simply know what I know and it is not very much. I'm not one to get all wordy but i think this paragraph is succeeding.

So I'll tell you my strategy, I will gravitate towards the unknown. Its not safe, often random and certainly an adventure. curiosity is my compass. success is my fuel.

I am proud of this blog because it is evidence that I'm not afraid to ask questions. I'm not afraid to share. I take pleasure is giving. hence, this is my Gift to the world.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

ups and downs.

Lately what I've realized is how life is just that, ups and downs. to see this blog again it was a real pick me up. I all of a sudden felt a jolt of inspiration. Its been a minute since i last wrote publicly, believe me, this is scary.

I was going through old post and I couldn't believe how open I was about things. I was actually really proud of myself. Maybe I always knew in the back of my mind that this blog would come in handy, and it has.

the past few months have been rather difficult. I wont go into specifics but I realize now they were deeply superficial(oxymoron). But all is well now, though i haven't completely dug myself out the whole yet but to see the ray of light out is comforting.

for a moment I thought things weren't going to fall into place the way it always sorta has for me. my brother often complains I get everything handed to me, and you know what? I do, hes mad.

It makes me want to stress how important it is to have a plan. Know yourself. Know your way out.