Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Alcohol [part 2]

this is [part 1].

This stuff just grosses me out. It tastes nasty, I don't know why anyone would drink it for fun. I suppose it's the out come of it all. When a whole room of people are drunk, it's as if social norms and rules get thrown into a washing machine and comes out all mangled. It's really rolling the dice on what could happened and what was gonna happen any way.

Sometimes dudes (like myself) get it into our heads like that they have more game talking to a girl when they're drunk. I'd agree that it could make the approach easier, but if you're really hammered, you not gonna be saying many things of substance. Don't treat alcohol like some sort of shield for your insecurities. If you have a hard time getting out of your shell, drinking may get you out of it, but let's hope you don't become dependent.

I like to drink. I think it's really fun. I'm smart about it though. I treat alcohol like cake. How often do I have cake? Once in a while on special occasions. Exactly. So that being said, I can continue to promote this particular poison.

Following up on the first part of this story, I didn't drink or smoke or do anything after that incident with the wine. All though high school the thought of alcohol grossed me out and I stayed away from it. It was only until my first year of college in California that I gave it another go.

I can remember the first occasion I drank out there, but this time, it was fun. When I was drunk it was awesome! It all sorta started when I went out with friends to parties. I didn't know why at the time, but whenever I was drunk, I could just rule a room. It was like, I thought out loud, and everybody would just listen to me. I indulged in being the center of attention. I would stand on a chair and start philosophizing on how eating a grapefruit was a lot like going to war(if you see me in person, be sure to ask me about that).

That's the truth, I love having people listen to me. It's no secret. most people would like to have people listen to them. Alcohol just helped me realize that. It's one of the things in life that I just really get off on. Oh my god, now I'm spilling my guts all over the world wide web. Good thing I'm not alone in this department.

I mean, eventually I learned to be equally as interesting when I'm not drunk as when drunk. Alcohol gave me this.. Extra charisma that I needed at the time. Now I feel like I can deal without it. It's like cake.

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