Monday, June 28, 2010

chillen hard.

The Oxymoron of the summer of 2010. So basically, I've been chillen hard as of late. But that doesnt mean alot hasnt been on my minds. For example. WTF is happening over in North Korea? I hear some fucked up shit!

I heard that the Dictator guy(kim jong il) is pretty much the worst dude next to Hitlet. I heard he has a problem with short people, so he send'em off to some island were they will probably...get all 'lord of the Flies' on.

Even worst, he controls the schools and media! His people are taught to beleive he is God and has the power to control weather and never poo!

North Korea, is a backwards place.


So now I've provided you with a breif Current Events run down. This summer, do me a favor, and.. "Gouge your eyes out with fun!"

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