Sunday, July 18, 2010

Perceived value.

We all have a perceived value in our heads. This little price tag we place on ourselves to sub consciously evaluate ourselves relative to the world and all those around us. Of coarse the truth is, no one is ACTUALLY more valued then another person, however a perceived value can have a profound impact on how you treat others and are treated yourself.

For example. Let's examine the phenomena of celebrity. Out of the context of America, say.. A dessert island, for argument sake, Brad Pitt is no better then you. In the States the same is true, but why is it that people here will treat him better? Fame is, a complete construct of society and in essences isn't real, however it's affects are very real and can be felt in a room. Have you ever been in the same room as someone you look up to? It's like the air is thicker.

So have you ever wanted to be famous? I think being famous gets so much shit that people forgot it can be kinda fun. Yeah, there's all the paparazzi and stalkers and whatever but this only apply to the uber famous/elite. Generally in fame, those around you simply treat you better. That's not all that bad is it? I'm suggesting, a modest level of fame can be pleasurable.

Wrap your mind around this. We can all be famous. All we need to do is systematically upload evidence to those around us of our success and persona thus putting our best foot forward and displaying our character in the best light. Say smart shit, do awesome stuff, lay hot babes whatever. World wide global super-star fame is overrated. All you need are your friends to know you're awesome. What do you need people you're never gonna meet in you life to think you're awesome for?

And by being awesome, I really mean BE AWESOME. It's not just tricking people or being manipulative. It's actually pulling through for yourself and doing what's best for your own survival. It's not being a total herb. This is the birth place of true inner confidence. It's a lot easier to be confident when you have evidence supporting it. 

To summarize this whole micro article on social value.. It's all in you head; whose better then who, but at the same time it's very real. You're not gonna feel nervous around a bum the way you may feel standing next to the president. Social hierarchies are very much real. As much as we hate it, we are inevitably in a cast system.


  1. In Sum - Celebrities walk on the red carpet because they're famous. I walk on toilet paper cuz I'm the SHIET! =)

  2. your blogs are so inspirational ha