Monday, September 27, 2010

Why I stopped writing(as much).

Its not that I ran out of topics,
its not that I have nothing to say,
Its not that I don't enjoy this process.
cause I do.

I'm really fascinated by how selfish we are by nature. Its society that asks us to not be so self centered and give a shit about each other. that's kinda dark right? okay next topic.

I never feel like discussing bummer topics with people I don't really know. The people I do know however don't want to be discussing bummer topics. Take death for example, what a downer of a subject that is. Is there anyone out ther who would like to share a theory I haven't heard regarding the after life?

When you hear about death, especially if it was someone you knew, it really affects you. a good friend of mine's older brother who I too called a friend passed away not too long ago. When something like that happens, you really step out of your own world motivated by greed and self improvement and really feel for another person. Not just the person who died but also for the people who where in that person's life.

Even when you're a parent and you love your children, you are seeing your children as an extention of yourself. thats why its such a crushing revelation when they grow up and you need to accept that they are their own person. atleast that how I'd imagine it.

I havent wrote on this blog in so long i forgot what i normally write about... i think its ussually girls, fashion and skateboarding. Death can be a side note. it something we all have in common.

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